Snowshoe Mountain Elopement // Marcus & Shannon

There are certain events that happen in your life that just to be a part of make you feel blessed and you feel special that you got to witness it. This was one of those events for Brock and I. Marcus and Shannon just wanted to be married. They also wanted something special and memorable so they planned a weekend getaway at Snowshoe with just the two of them.

Big weddings are awesome but there is just something special about an elopement. We aren’t sure exactly what it is, but the idea of two people running away and getting married without anyone knowing is so exciting. When Shannon contacted us and told us her idea for a private and intimate wedding at Snowshoe, we got so excited! While they didn’t “run away” to get married, very few people knew their plans, which made it that much more exciting.

Even though it didn’t snow and it was only 7 degrees while we were taking the outside portraits, Marcus and Shannon were as happy as ever! Theme song for this wedding has to be “I’ve got my love to keep me warm.” I have to give her credit for being outside in that dress, not many could have done that! I was even freezing with a coat, gloves, ear muffs, boots and pants!

Even though this wedding was a little less traditional than what we have shot in the past, it will always be one my favorites. Here are a few of my favorite images from this one-of-a-kind wedding!


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