We love the Sites family! Joey and Angie are two of the kindest and most selfless people you will ever meet! Joel is actually my first cousin so I may be a little bias, but they are seriously awesome, not to mention their three boys who are about as handsome as they come. I predict lots of girlfriends in their future.

It was very cold for this session, but you wouldn’t tell from these photos. If you could only see what I looked like behind the camera (giant winter coat, huge scarf and gloves). I think the boys were just happy to be playing and running outside. Blaine is the oldest, then Joel, and then the baby of the family is Will. He wasn’t sure about the camera in the beginning of the session, but he warmed up to it as the shoot went on. We were so happy that they asked us for this session! This one will go in the books as a favorite for sure!

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