Haley Mullins // Senior Photos – Downtown Charleston

Over the course of the last few years, my husband Brock and I have had a nice variety of photo sessions that have come our way. Often, at the end of shoots, we are exhausted, tired and ready to take a nap, but we have noticed a trend – we rarely feel this way after senior sessions. We aren’t sure if it’s their youthful personalities, their fresh look at the world or their willingness to try anything, but we always come away from senior sessions excited.

Haley Mullins was no different. She was an absolute dream to work with and we loved walking around the city with her. Having been in (and won) beauty pageants, she knew exactly what to do in front of a camera, which made our job super easy. All we had to do is take her to a few different places around town and point a camera at her and she did the rest.

Take a look at a few of our favorite photo from our session