Woody Family Baptism

We love the Woody family! This was our second opportunity to work with the Woody’s and it’s always a pleasure. Brock made a promotional video for his cousin’s photography business (Johnson Photography). The video was promoting her in-home photography sessions, which happened to be at the Woody’s beautiful home with their three children!

This time, the Woody’s asked us to photograph a very special event, their two oldest kids baptisms. We were so honored to be a part of this and it was such a beautiful event! It was hosted by Bible Center Church and there were over 20 people that were baptized in the creek that day. Before each of them were baptized, the minister would read their testimony for their friends and family that were scattered around the creek bank. Some had attended church their entire life and was just waiting for the right time and others were very new Christians that had just recently given their hearts to God. There were probably over 100 people in attendance that day and it was such an amazing event to experience! Thank you Woody family for this opportunity and for being so awesome!

Here are a few more of our favorites from the day. Enjoy!