Capturing Moments

All we want is to take amazing photos for you and for your special day. Our style is a hands-off approach, which allows you to enjoy your day instead of being controlled by the photographer. This allows us to take organic and natural photos while you are in the moment. 

Relaxed and Easy

We are about as easygoing as anyone you will meet. Weddings are all about going with the flow and we never get flustered or frustrated. Because of this, we are always ready for that perfect moment.

Two is Better Than One

By having two photographers, it allows us to cover all events from various angles. We let your story occur naturally and allow you to truly enjoy your day instead of controlling everything. Our brides love our hands off approach to photography.


Send me a message and let's meet or chat on the phone

Once you decide to book with us, we'll send you a contract so we can make it official

A few months before your wedding, we will send you a questionnaire that will give us all the info we need to ensure we perfectly capture your special day.


Yay! It's your wedding day! We will be there to capture every moment from the first kiss to you dancing the night away! 

6(ish) weeks after your wedding, you can expect a link from us with an online gallery where you can download your photos and share them with friends and family.


Two Photographers

I photograph every wedding with my husband Brock. He's been my second shooter since the beginning and we make a great team! We work together to coordinate formal photos, get perfect lighting and get even a photo of the grooms teary face while you're walking down the isle.

Online Gallery

You will receive your photos in a beautiful online gallery that you'll be proud to share with family and friends. You can also purchase prints conveniently from the gallery saving you time and hassle. 

Print Release

Unlike some photographers, we believe that because you hired us for your wedding, the photos we take are yours and you can do whatever you want with them - even if that means printing them at Wal-mart. We give you a complete print release to print the photos wherever you want. 

Wedding Consultation

I am available to meet or chat over the phone to discuss details of your wedding leading up to the big day. 


Frequently Asked Questions


We make sure to edit each and every photo that you receive back from us. Editing is important to professional photography and we make sure to edit all your final photos

Sure! If you send us an email on our contact page, you’ll be able to download our pricing book for weddings. For portrait pricing, just go to our “Portraits” page

While many photographers hold the rights to your photos and force you to print through them, we think differently. You paid for the photos, you should print them where you want! That said, we do give you a convenient and cost efficient way to print them through our online gallery. The delivered photos will be high-resolution, edited with no watermark, but we won’t be upset if you go print them at Wal-Mart – well, maybe a little.

Absolutely! Show the world!

In the past this has never been an issue for us. But just to be safe we have a team of associate photographers who’ve been trained by us and shoot with us at almost every wedding. They have access to our studio and gear in the event that something should go wrong. We also have a network of highly talented local photographers that we can reach out to. It’s a close knit community of likeminded artists that look out for each other. If this is still a concern of yours we also have other options we would be happy to talk with you about during our consultation meeting.

Yes, we are available for travel and welcome most US weddings.

If you are interested in us photographing your wedding, we suggest you contact us right after you book your venue.

Absolutely! We know that our packages don’t fit each and every situation, so if you are having trouble figuring out which package is best for you, just let us know and we can build one to fit your needs.

This is actually a great question… Glad you asked! First off, we can’t stop you from being creative and showing off your fancy editing skillz. From time to time we’ll see see an image of ours that has been manipulated with a filter from Instagram. It’s not the end of the world to us but it’s definitely not something we would want our name attached with. We’ve worked extremely hard to deliver a quality of work that is timeless, so don’t let those free apps at your finger tell you otherwise. We do what we can to control the final outcome of our work and provide you with only the best. But if you can’t resist the urge then sure, go ahead, put ketchup on your fancy steak. Just remember, a lot of effort was put into delivering your custom wedding photos.

This is an area that we can further consult with you on after your date is booked. Our goal through all of this is to make the most of our time and make sure that you enjoy your wedding day. Generally speaking though, it’s better to have the majority of our time spent while it’s still daylight. This will maximize our opportunity to take more shots, be creative and get more color from the natural light. If you’re doing a first look than we like having two opportunities for bride & groom photos. One just after your first look and the other right around sunset when the light is nice and soft.

Absolutely! All services include the high-resolution (print ready) images fully edited in JPEG format.

Once you get in touch with us on our contact page, we will set up a meeting (or call) to get to know you a little better and see what you want in a wedding photographer. Once you are ready to book, we require a deposit of one-third of the package.


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